Every Day Matters

In the summer of 2016, I began looking at new career opportunities. I had spent seven incredible years with my previous firm, but constant travel was starting to take its toll. My wife and I were expecting our first child and we had recently relocated back to our hometown of Indianapolis. I was fortunate to find interesting career opportunities during my initial search, but nothing excited me like a startup I read about in the IBJ called Zylo.

Zylo as my Career Priority

I visited the Zylo website and read about the leadership team, High Alpha, the problem companies were facing with SaaS spend and how Zylo would solve them. Everything made sense; I wanted in.

My wife secured a great position with a tech company in town that allowed me to take a little more risk with my career. After sending in a cold email intro and meeting with the founders, my goal materialized. After a couple months, I officially joined Zylo in October of the same year.

The earliest days were like a scene out of a movie. Engineering, Design, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Product and the CEO all sat and worked at a long conference table. If you got up to take a call, your seat was up for grabs. Consequently, every person in the company knew what everyone else was working on.

Together, we celebrated every little win, whether it was a product enhancement, new article published or an early customer win. Eventually, enough of those little wins piled up and we began to expand the team and offices. Now, thankfully, when I leave my desk to grab a snack in the kitchen, no one steals my chair.

Fast forward a couple years to today where we’ve raised capital, grown to 50+ employees, and defined an entire industry called SaaS Management. Many factors contribute to the sort of success we’ve been fortunate enough to experience. While we’ve had the right timing, leadership, hard work, and luck, the one thing that has stuck with me most in my time at Zylo is our urgency.

Every Day Matters

At our stage, every day at Zylo matters as much as a week, a week like a month, and a month like a year. I feel that one day wasted at Zylo is equivalent to a week wasted at a more mature company. A bad week could be equivalent to a bad month; a bad month could be equivalent to having a bad year.

Therefore, every day, every interaction, and every moment is critical to the long-term success of Zylo and our employees. I try to make sure that no opportunity is missed due to a lack of effort, determination, or enthusiasm. Our entire company embraces the sense of urgency that embodies our culture.

I’ve had two wild years at Zylo, with some of the scariest but most rewarding experiences of my life (anyone who has worked at a startup knows exactly what I’m talking about). We’ve risked stability, security, and sometimes personal desk space, all in the name of a shared vision: surrounded by smart and talented individuals, we’ll sprint like Hell to achieve a common goal and build a company out of thin air.

With my two-year anniversary in sight, I know my time at Zylo has truly been the thrill of my professional career. I can’t wait to assess my career after my five-year anniversary, then my ten-year anniversary.

Embrace the Journey

What you do on a day-to-day basis has a direct impact on the success of your company, especially at a startup. Believe in your work, never let a lack of effort impede your success, and embrace the journey, always.