A Lasting Team Bond

Lauren Tuttle

Last spring, I joined Zylo as a data analyst. I previously worked as a financial analyst for a company that I thought could have used a product like Zylo’s SaaS management platform. There were many, many applications in their environment–and very little strategic management.

When I heard what Zylo offered its customers – the ability to discover, manage, and optimize SaaS applications – it just seemed to click. It was a tool that I would have loved to have had in my last position.

Solving the Problem

When I first started, I believed that every person who worked with the same contracts and accounting systems as I did would one day have the opportunity to use Zylo. At the time, what I didn’t know was that I would end up working with a group of passionate, hard-working, and caring people.

At Zylo, I work on data matching and contract management. I was a Mathematics major in college, so I love having the chance to get in the weeds of the data every day.

I also like the idea that there are multiple ways to interpret – and ultimately solve – nearly every problem.  It’s also cool that I get to work on something that enriches the lives of our customers by helping them solve a complex issue and gain a better understanding of their SaaS environments.

An Unexpected Change

About six months into my new job at Zylo, I left work on a Friday, not feeling well – I didn’t make it back into the office until about a week later. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma.

From there, my life became a was a whirlwind of different treatments, tests, and diagnoses. But even though I took an extended leave of absence from the office, one constant throughout my journey was the support and assistance from everyone at Zylo.

My colleagues stopped by to see me in the hospital on the regular, reached out to see what they could do to help me, and some even brought Zylo swag! Tech people like me love swag!

Getting Back to Normal

This spring, following months and months of treatment, I was finally able to come back to work. It was a big moment because I thought that once I could get back to work, about 90 percent of my normal life would be back.

I’m still in recovery from a recent bone marrow transplant, but every day gets a little easier. Coming into Zylo where I get to work on a product I love and having teammates that support me just makes it that much easier.

For example, as a team, we recently participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night here in Indianapolis. Throughout the course of several weeks, my colleagues at Zylo helped raise thousands of dollars to highlight awareness, support those undergoing treatment for lymphoma and leukemia, and fund new research for a cure. It was amazing.

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Today, I get to work alongside a team that has been a consistently great support system that was there throughout my journey. And Zylo’s culture is one that’s not only dedicated to helping each other grow and thrive every day but also to support great causes and initiatives.

Zylo is a product, a company, and a team that I am proud to be part of it.

About the Author

Lauren Tuttle

Lauren Tuttle is Zylo’s data analyst and contract review specialist. When she’s not crunching numbers and contracts for customers, the passionate environmentalist and Purdue alumna can be found at home in Indianapolis’ historic Irvington neighborhood participating in her running club, playing soccer, and volunteering to provide students better opportunities.